Our Story

We embrace the reality that there is but one human race. And we firmly believe that our human family has a natural capacity to heal our hearts from racial conditioning. Our vision builds upon the efforts of countless individuals who have worked and sacrificed for a better tomorrow for all our children. Since 1987, when the first Institute for the Healing of Racism was created, many people across this nation felt and found a new hope in the human spirit; hope that we can, and we will, heal our hearts and eliminate the pain and disparities that racial conditioning has caused among us.

In one way or another, Racism has affected all of us. And all of us have a role to play in healing our human family. But what do we do? Where do we go? Where can we learn more, be more and share more?

We believe we have one great response to these and other questions. The answer is, On June 4th, 2012, Healing Humankind, LLC, in partnership with VoiceAmerica and World Talk Radio Network is launching a NEW 13 week pilot “A Safe Place to Talk About Race”. We invite and encourage you to participate in this LIVE call in show. A Safe Place to Talk about Race will air each Monday at 4pm Eastern Standard Time, and 1pm Pacific Standard time. To listen later, you can simply use the internet and download. We can now see the layers of complexity in racial healing. There is no single place that holds all of the answers, but we look to bring you the best new, impactful points of view, and forward looking information available.

So, join us! Learn and share with us … add your voice … break the ‘Don’t Talk Rule’ … set aside ‘Political Correctness’. This is your family talking.