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The answers to racial healing are within us. We are born into part of a story and don’t know the other parts. Now, we can learn together in a journey of a lifetime.


Sometimes the best way to launch or advance a message is through a great speaker. Sharon E. Davis has over 5 years of TV and radio experience, and over 10 years in public speaking with some audiences over 1,500 people. Topic samples include:

  • Racial Healing: What is it? Is it just Diversity Warmed Over?
  • Ally Building – You Think You Can Do This Work Alone?
  • Emotional Quotient, Race, and You – What’s That Twitter in my Tummy
  • Changes and Chances in Life – The Opportunities Keep Coming
  • Welcome to “America” (Immigration and Naturalization)
  • Recharge Your Career to Go the Distance – Burned Out on Race?
  • What’s with Hip Hop? Why should I care?


It’s not our fault that we don’t know. Now we can find out in a safe way what’s been missing. It’s a good feeling to have a clear voice, know our new role, and help deliver a better society to our children than the one we were born into. Sample topics include:

  • What is Racism and Racial Healing?
  • Why is it ALWAYS about Race? Will this go Away?
  • When People of Good Will Don’t Know
  • When People of Color Believe the Hype – The “n”, “r”, “b” words
  • Did Christopher Columbus Discover America?
  • What is the Oneness of Humankind….Really?
  • The Legacy of our Past – Structural Racism
  • How to Reclaim Cultural Pride – Aren’t We All Just American?
  • Bi/Multi-Racial Family…Is This a New Race?
  • Building Allies- “Wish I’d Said That When They Said….”
  • Writing New History – Legacy for My Children & Community
  • Advanced Topics – Transformational Leadership on Race and Culture, Sex and Race, Cultural GLBT, Parenting Practices


Become strong, noble, and confident on race and culture matters. Our one-on-one and small group leadership development offerings are tailored to help you and your company be the next best trusted change agent.

  • Become Your True Self at work and in community
  • Embrace Tough People Issues with Equity
  • Lead Development in Your Organization
  • Expand into World Class Citizenship


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